how to remove harley shifter peg

To remove a Harley-Davidson shifter peg, you’ll typically need a few basic tools and a straightforward process. Here’s how to do it:

Materials and tools you may need:

  1. Wrench or socket set
  2. Allen wrench or Torx wrench (if applicable)
  3. Pliers (optional)
  4. Replacement shifter peg (if you’re replacing the old one)


  1. Safety First:
    • Ensure the motorcycle is on a stable and level surface with the engine turned off. Put the motorcycle in gear (usually first gear) to prevent it from rolling.
  2. Locate the Shifter Peg:
    • Identify the shifter peg you want to remove. The shifter peg is typically located on the left side of the motorcycle, connected to the gear shifter lever.
  3. Remove the Retaining Screw or Bolt:
    • Use the appropriate wrench or socket to loosen and remove the retaining screw or bolt that secures the shifter peg to the shifter lever. This screw or bolt is usually located at the base of the shifter peg where it attaches to the lever.
    • Some Harley-Davidson models use Allen or Torx screws, so make sure you have the correct tool for the job.
  4. Slide Off the Shifter Peg:
    • Once the retaining screw or bolt is removed, you should be able to slide the shifter peg off the shifter lever. If the shifter peg is stuck, you can gently tap it with a soft mallet or use pliers to help slide it off.
  5. Inspect and Clean (optional):
    • Take this opportunity to inspect the shifter lever for any wear or damage. Clean the shifter lever and the area where the shifter peg was attached, removing any dirt or debris.
  6. Install a New Shifter Peg (if replacing):
    • If you’re replacing the shifter peg, slide the new one onto the shifter lever and secure it in place by tightening the retaining screw or bolt.
  7. Tighten the Retaining Screw or Bolt:
    • Use your wrench or socket to securely tighten the retaining screw or bolt. Ensure that the shifter peg is firmly attached and doesn’t wobble.
  8. Test the Shifter Peg:
    • Shift through the gears to make sure the shifter peg operates smoothly without any issues.
  9. Final Check:
    • Double-check that the retaining screw or bolt is tightened to the manufacturer’s specifications. You don’t want it to come loose during riding.
  10. Dispose of the Old Shifter Peg (if necessary):
    • Properly dispose of the old shifter peg according to your local waste disposal regulations.

By following these steps, you can safely and easily remove a Harley-Davidson shifter peg and, if needed, replace it with a new one. Remember to use the appropriate tools and take your time to ensure the job is done correctly.

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