how to remove hydraulic fluid from clothes

Removing hydraulic fluid stains from clothes can be challenging, but with the right approach and prompt action, you can improve your chances of successfully removing the stain. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to remove hydraulic fluid stains from clothes:

Materials you may need:

  1. Paper towels or absorbent cloth
  2. Dish soap or liquid laundry detergent
  3. Stain remover (pre-wash treatment)
  4. Soft-bristle brush or old toothbrush
  5. Cold water
  6. Washing machine
  7. Stain-specific stain remover (e.g., for oil or grease)


  1. Act Quickly:
    • The key to successfully removing hydraulic fluid stains is to act promptly. The longer the stain sits, the more difficult it becomes to remove.
  2. Blot the Stain:
    • Lay the stained clothing flat and place paper towels or an absorbent cloth underneath the stained area to prevent the stain from spreading to other parts of the fabric.
    • Use additional paper towels or an absorbent cloth to blot (do not rub) the stain. This will help absorb as much of the hydraulic fluid as possible. Replace the paper towels or cloth as needed.
  3. Pre-treat the Stain:
    • Apply a small amount of dish soap or liquid laundry detergent directly to the hydraulic fluid stain. Gently rub the fabric together to work the soap or detergent into the stain.
  4. Stain Remover Application:
    • Apply a stain remover or pre-wash treatment to the stained area according to the product’s instructions. Allow it to sit for the recommended time, which is usually about 5-10 minutes.
  5. Brush the Stain:
    • Use a soft-bristle brush or an old toothbrush to gently scrub the stained area. Brush in a circular motion to help lift the stain from the fabric fibers.
  6. Rinse with Cold Water:
    • Rinse the clothing under cold running water. Hold the fabric under the faucet with the stained side facing down to help force the hydraulic fluid out of the fabric. Continue rinsing until you no longer see the soap or detergent suds.
  7. Check for Stain Removal:
    • Examine the stained area to see if the hydraulic fluid stain has been completely removed. If the stain is still visible, do not proceed to the next step.
  8. Machine Wash:
    • Wash the clothing in a washing machine using cold water. Do not use warm or hot water, as heat can set the stain. Use a regular laundry detergent.
  9. Check Again for Stain Removal:
    • After washing, check the stained area once more to ensure the hydraulic fluid stain is gone. If the stain persists, do not dry the clothing.
  10. Repeat if Necessary:
    • If the stain remains, repeat the pre-treatment and washing process until you are satisfied with the results.
  11. Air Dry:
    • Once the stain is completely gone, air dry the clothing to ensure that the stain has been completely removed before returning it to your regular laundry routine.

If the hydraulic fluid stain is particularly stubborn, you may want to consider using a stain-specific remover designed for oil or grease stains in addition to the steps mentioned above. Always check the care label on your clothing for specific washing instructions before attempting stain removal.

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