how to remove grease gun from fitting

Removing a grease gun from a fitting is a straightforward process. Grease guns are commonly used for lubrication, and they typically have a coupler that attaches to the grease fitting on machinery or equipment. Here are the steps to remove a grease gun from a fitting:

Materials you may need:

  1. Grease gun
  2. Clean cloth (optional)


  1. Disengage the Lever:
    • If your grease gun has a lever or handle for operating the grease flow, disengage it. This will stop the flow of grease to the fitting.
  2. Release Pressure (If Applicable):
    • Some grease guns have a pressure release valve or button to relieve any pressure in the gun before removing it from the fitting. If your grease gun has this feature, use it to release pressure.
  3. Hold the Grease Gun Steady:
    • While maintaining a firm grip on the grease gun, ensure it’s secure and won’t drop or swing uncontrollably when you disconnect it from the fitting.
  4. Rotate Counter-Clockwise:
    • To remove the grease gun from the fitting, rotate it gently and slowly in a counter-clockwise direction (left). This will unthread the coupler or nozzle from the grease fitting.
  5. Remove the Grease Gun:
    • Continue rotating the grease gun until it is fully disconnected from the fitting. It should come off easily once it’s unthreaded.
  6. Inspect the Fitting (Optional):
    • After removing the grease gun, you may want to inspect the fitting for any excess grease buildup or debris. If necessary, wipe it clean with a clean cloth to ensure a proper seal for future lubrication.
  7. Secure the Grease Gun:
    • Once the grease gun is removed, secure it properly to prevent any accidental discharge of grease.
  8. Store or Clean the Grease Gun (Optional):
    • Depending on your needs, you can either store the grease gun or clean it if you’re finished with your lubrication task.

Always be cautious when removing a grease gun from a fitting, especially if there’s any residual pressure, as grease can be under high pressure and may spray out when disconnecting. By following these steps, you can safely remove the grease gun without any mess or damage.

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