how to remove birds nest from dryer vent

Removing a bird’s nest from a dryer vent should be done with caution to ensure both your safety and the well-being of the birds. Here are the steps to safely remove a bird’s nest from a dryer vent:

Materials and tools you may need:

  1. Work gloves
  2. Safety glasses
  3. Ladder (if needed)
  4. Plastic bag or container
  5. Wire brush or cleaning brush
  6. Duct tape or vent cover (to prevent future nesting)
  7. Flashlight (if needed)


  1. Safety Precautions:
    • Put on work gloves and safety glasses to protect yourself from any debris or dust that may be in the vent.
    • Ensure your dryer is turned off and unplugged to prevent any accidental activation while you’re working.
  2. Locate the Dryer Vent:
    • Identify the dryer vent where the bird’s nest is located. This is typically on the exterior of your home or building.
  3. Assess the Situation:
    • Carefully examine the dryer vent to determine the size and location of the bird’s nest. Assess whether there are eggs or birds in the nest. If there are eggs or baby birds, it’s important to proceed with extreme care and avoid disturbing them whenever possible.
  4. Use a Ladder (if needed):
    • If the dryer vent is located high on the exterior of your home, use a ladder to safely access it. Ensure the ladder is placed on stable ground and follow ladder safety guidelines.
  5. Gently Remove the Nest:
    • Reach into the dryer vent and carefully remove the bird’s nest. Use your hands or a tool like a wire brush or cleaning brush to dislodge the nest. Be gentle to avoid damaging the vent or harming the birds if they are present.
  6. Place the Nest in a Container:
    • If there are no birds in the nest, place it in a plastic bag or container for disposal. Do not leave the nest near the vent, as it may attract other animals.
  7. Check for Eggs or Birds:
    • If there are eggs or baby birds in the nest, consult with a local wildlife rescue or animal control agency for guidance on how to handle the situation. In some cases, it may be necessary to wait until the birds have fledged (left the nest) before safely removing it.
  8. Clean the Vent:
    • After removing the nest, use a wire brush or cleaning brush to clean any debris or remaining nesting material from the dryer vent. This will help ensure proper ventilation.
  9. Install a Vent Cover:
    • To prevent future nesting, consider installing a vent cover or bird guard over the dryer vent. These covers are designed to allow for proper airflow while preventing birds from entering.
  10. Secure the Vent Cover:
    • Use duct tape or secure the vent cover in place to prevent it from being dislodged by wind or other forces.
  11. Reconnect and Test the Dryer:
    • Reconnect the dryer to the vent and plug it back in. Test the dryer to ensure it’s functioning correctly and that there are no obstructions in the vent.

Always prioritize safety and the well-being of the birds when removing nests from dryer vents. If you have any doubts or concerns, consider seeking professional assistance from wildlife experts or pest control professionals who can safely handle the situation.

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