how to remove a shotgun bead sight

Removing a shotgun bead sight can be a relatively straightforward process. Bead sights are often attached to shotguns with a small threaded screw or a friction-fit base. Here are the steps to remove a shotgun bead sight:

Tools and materials you will need:

  1. Screwdriver (flathead or Phillips, depending on the type of screw used)
  2. Pliers (optional, for some models)
  3. Needle-nose pliers (optional, for some models)


  1. Safety First: Ensure that your shotgun is unloaded and that there is no ammunition in the chamber or magazine. Always treat firearms with the utmost respect for safety.
  2. Determine the Attachment Type: Examine the shotgun bead sight to determine how it is attached. There are two common attachment methods:
    • Screwed-On Bead Sight: If you see a small screw in the center of the bead sight, it is likely attached with a threaded screw.
    • Friction-Fit Bead Sight: If there is no visible screw, the bead sight may be press-fit or friction-fit onto a threaded post on the shotgun barrel.
  3. Screwed-On Bead Sight:
    • If your bead sight is attached with a screw, use the appropriate screwdriver (flathead or Phillips) to carefully loosen and remove the screw. Turn it counterclockwise (lefty-loosey).
    • Once the screw is removed, the bead sight should easily slide off the shotgun barrel.
  4. Friction-Fit Bead Sight:
    • If your bead sight is press-fit onto a threaded post, you will need to gently twist and pull it to remove it.
    • Use pliers or needle-nose pliers to grasp the bead sight firmly and gently twist it counterclockwise while pulling it away from the barrel.
    • Be cautious not to use excessive force, as you don’t want to damage the shotgun barrel or the bead sight.
  5. Clean and Inspect: After removing the bead sight, clean the shotgun barrel to remove any residue or dirt. Inspect the bead sight for any damage or wear. If you plan to reinstall it or replace it, ensure it’s in good condition.
  6. Reinstall or Replace: If you intend to reinstall the same bead sight, clean the threads and apply a small amount of thread locker (e.g., Loctite) to the screw threads before reattaching it. If you’re replacing the bead sight, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation or consult a gunsmith.
  7. Check Alignment: After reinstalling or replacing the bead sight, check its alignment with the barrel. Make sure it is centered and straight to ensure accurate aiming.

Removing a shotgun bead sight is a relatively simple process, but it’s essential to exercise caution to avoid damaging your shotgun or the bead sight itself. If you’re uncertain about the process or encounter any difficulties, it’s a good idea to consult a qualified gunsmith or firearms expert for assistance.

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