how to check pilot light on goodman furnace

Checking the pilot light on a Goodman furnace is an important part of regular furnace maintenance. Here are the general steps to check the pilot light:

Before you begin: Ensure your furnace’s gas supply is turned on and that the thermostat is set to a temperature that should trigger the furnace to turn on. Also, make sure there are no unusual odors, sounds, or signs of a gas leak. If you suspect a gas leak, turn off the gas supply and contact a professional immediately.

  1. Locate the Furnace: Find your Goodman furnace. It’s usually located in the basement, crawl space, or a utility closet.
  2. Access the Furnace: Remove the access panel to the furnace. This panel is typically secured by screws or latches and provides access to the inner components.
  3. Locate the Pilot Light: Inside the furnace, you will see a burner assembly. The pilot light is a small flame located near the burner. It should be visible through a small window or opening in the burner assembly.
  4. Check the Pilot Light: Observe the pilot light carefully. It should be a steady blue flame. If the pilot light is out or flickering, it needs to be relit.
  5. Relight the Pilot Light: Follow these steps to relight the pilot light:

a. Find the pilot gas valve, which is typically a red or silver knob located near the pilot assembly.

b. Turn the pilot gas valve to the “off” position and wait for a few minutes to allow any residual gas to dissipate.

c. Turn the pilot gas valve to the “pilot” position.

d. While holding down the pilot gas valve in the “pilot” position, use a long lighter or match to ignite the pilot light at the pilot assembly. Continue holding the valve down for about 30 seconds after the pilot light is lit to allow the thermocouple to heat up.

e. Release the pilot gas valve. If the pilot light remains lit, it’s functioning correctly.

  1. Replace the Access Panel: Once you’ve confirmed that the pilot light is lit and stable, securely reattach the access panel to the furnace.
  2. Monitor the Furnace: Observe the furnace for a complete heating cycle to ensure that it ignites and operates correctly.

If you encounter any issues while checking or relighting the pilot light, or if the pilot light won’t stay lit, it’s essential to contact a qualified HVAC technician or a professional for further inspection and repair. Safety is paramount when dealing with gas appliances, and it’s crucial to address any problems promptly and correctly.

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