Tackling Drainage Issues in Burnaby: Expert Solutions

Tackling Drainage Issues in Burnaby: Expert Solutions


Drainage issues are not new to the city of Burnaby. Many institutions and companies are dedicated to helping the people of the city by providing expert solutions to drainage problems. One of the most prominent names in the field is North Van Plumbers.

The issue of drainage in Burnaby is that it has many minor problems that need to be fixed. Now, there are many ways of drainage solutions. Some of these issues can be prevented by smart management and the implementation of a few systems at your home.

Here is a list of a few you can start with when you consider doing it by yourself:

Channel Drains—Channel drains are an efficient and easy way of removing stagnant water from a certain place. These systems take away the load from your regular trench drain systems to bring about a smooth drainage process without any hiccups. You can use them in front of your garages for better water flow through your property.

French Drains—If you want to handle drainage water at ground level, French drains are the way to go. They are simple and work perfectly well to bring about noticeable changes in the drainage system. They can carry water from the foundation to a more preferred location, like a rain barrel. 

Drain Tiles—These tiles are one of the most efficient and easy implementations of modern drainage systems. You will never have to worry about water getting around its foundation. They are made of PVC, which removes extra water that may hinder the normal flow. The excess water is stored in an alternate place that can be cleaned easily.

Dry Creeks– Both aesthetically pleasing and efficient for drainage systems, dry creeks work wonders for your property. It prevents erosion and above-surface run-off. It can also be used to beautify your front yard with plants and flowers.

Rain Gardens– Another way to beautify your garden and increase the efficiency of your drainage system, all at the same time. The rain garden soaks off the excess water while getting the pollutants out of the drainage water. It is a step towards sustainability as well. You will not be disappointed at how much difference it makes to your house.

Importance of Professionals

These are a few of the ways you can improve the drainage system, but an expert opinion is always welcome in such cases. It is always recommended that you have a professional inspect and advise you about the health of the drainage system on your property.


Even if you suddenly face system issues, you can contact the best emergency plumber in West Vancouver, the well-known North Van Plumbers. They handle every situation with great expertise and knowledge. Rest assured, your house’s drainage issue will be cured without fail. To know more about drainage systems and solutions, visit the website!

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