A Complete Overview Of RCCB

A Complete Overview Of RCCB

The RCCCB circuit breaker plays a crucial role in protecting electrical circuits. As a result, Eshoop’s RCCB electrical devices can detect when a current is leaking. If it detects a problem or the current exceeds the sensitivity rate, it can cut power to the circuit to prevent an electrical short. Here, we will discuss everything about the RCCCB circuit breaker.

Just what are RCCB’s most notable characteristics?

Above all else, the purpose of the RCCB breaker is to prevent fires, electric shocks, and electrocution that can result from earth faults or improper wiring. If an unexpected earth fault were to occur in the circuit, the residual current device would greatly assist.

For example, if an RCCB is absent, an earth fault may occur, increasing the risk of electrocution if an individual accidentally touches a live wire. This is why an RCCB is the way to go. The modular mcb protects individual circuits and is easy to install and customize in various electrical setups.

Just what is the function of the residual current circuit breaker?

Assuming perfect continuity, the neutral wire’s current should match the live wire’s current. This is the basis for how the Residual Current Circuit Breaker functions. Accidental methods, such as touching a live wire, can allow current to reach the Earth in the event of an earth fault. As a result, less current flows backwards through the neutral wire. The term “Residual Current” describes the gap between the two flows. The design allows the RCCB to measure and compare live and neutral wire currents constantly. The Residual Current Circuit Breaker would cut power at the first sign of a small value difference. In abnormal situations, RCCBs with modular mcb quickly disconnect power to detect ground faults and prevent electrical hazards.

Various RCCB Types

One kind of RCCB is the two-pole variety, while the other is the four-pole variety:

●      2 Pole RCCB

It works with a single-phase supply with just two wires—a live and neutral wire. You can connect the neutral and live wires to its two ends. Turning the RCCB on and off is as easy as turning a rotary switch. The test button helps you check the RCCB’s functionality at regular intervals. Combining a moduler mcb and RCCB protects against overloads, short circuits, and earth faults.

●      4 Pole RCCB

Three-phase supply connections use a four-pole RCCB for neutral and three-phase wires. Two terminals accept neutral or three-phase wires again. Other than this, 2 and 4-pole RCCBs follow the same steps. It is needed to connect the speaker to the false ceiling.


It would help to have an RCCB circuit breaker in your circuit. This aids in avoiding problems that might arise as a result of earthquakes. A high-quality set of RCCBs is essential to prevent accidental death from things like touching a live wire. You need to attach an RCCB with the speaker in the false ceiling. Use Eshop’s RCCB if you want the greatest quality RCCBs to keep your data safe.

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