How To Pick The Right Dress For Every Occasion?

How To Pick The Right Dress For Every Occasion?

Finding the right dress for the right occasion can be equally exciting and confusing. The perfect dress speaks volumes about your personality. Dresses for women have been a timeless fashion choice and go well with any occasion. In fact, you can never go wrong with the right dress. There are bodycon dresses, midis, and minis in various lengths, styles and patterns. However, with so many options available, it is essential to understand how to pick the right one. So, here’s a style guide to help you dress shop effortlessly.

Understand The Occasion

The secret to styling is to dress according to the occasion. This is where most people go wrong. Dressing beautifully is not about picking a beautiful piece. It is about knowing where to wear what.

For a formal event, you can pick midi dresses in solid colours. These dresses combine style and elegance in perfect harmony. ONLY has a wide collection of exquisite midi dresses that are ideal for corporate events and weddings.

Bodycon dresses are a great choice for an evening party or a casual gathering. These figure-hugging pieces accentuate your body and add the right touch of glamour to your look. Pair them with stilettoes and a statement earring for a chic ensemble.

Mini dresses are perfect for birthday parties or even brunch dates. Choose a cotton one with a minimal pattern for a day outing or a sequinned one for a party. You can choose from ONLY’s versatile range of mini dresses and pick the one that suits your taste. 

Wear Outfits That Reflect You

Another important factor while picking the right fit for an occasion is to know what you are comfortable with. Remember, your style should reflect who you are. Suppose you do not like the way bodycon dresses look on you, but you have an evening party coming up. Choose from ONLY’s distinct collection of midi dresses for women. Go for classic colours like black and choose a fabric with a bit of bling. Pair it with minimal accessories and heels, and you will surely stand out.

Know Your Body Type

The right fit on the right body works like magic. For instance, bodycon dresses look great on hourglass figures. Women with apple-shaped bodies can also opt for these. If you have a pear-shaped body, choose midi dresses. You can also wear a bodycon and accessorise with a statement belt. Mini dresses are ideal for petite women since they don’t highlight the shorter body frame.

The Right Fabric

Look for the fabric that suits you. Cottons are great for daytime wear while evening events are perfect to style a silk ensemble. Like the right dress, the right fabric also matters.


Owning the right dress for the right occasion requires understanding the event, your personal style, fabrics and body type. However, remember that you can ultimately wear the most gorgeous dress, but if you don’t feel good, it will show. Confidence is an accessory that cannot be bought. Choose from ONLY’s exclusive collection of dresses for women and make a lasting impression wherever you go.

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