A Guide To Rakhi Gift Hampers With Sweets And Snacks

A Guide To Rakhi Gift Hampers With Sweets And Snacks

Hindus all over the country enjoy the happy holiday of Raksha Bandhan with great pomp and circumstance. The holiday is important to the culture and custom because it celebrates the bond between a brother and sister. On this happy day, the sister puts a special band called a “rakhi” on her brother’s wrist. The Rakhi is a sign of safety for life. The brother gets a special gift hamper for raksha bandhan for his sister in return for this kind act. This blog post will discuss some great sweets and snacks from Ghasitaram you can put in your gift hamper for raksha bandhan.

  • Atta Pinni

Enjoy this homemade atta pinnis by putting them in your gift hamper for raksha bandhan for your brother or sister today. Using wheat flour, sugar, and desi ghee to make this sweet, it has a unique flavour that is like mom’s love and will stay in your heart forever.

  • Chana Burfi

If you want to make this year’s Rakhi extra special, remember to order this treat, the Chana Burfi. The desi ghee, dal, and dry fruits give this traditional Indian sweet a unique taste that will make your soul happy. These rakhi hampers are delicious and great for showing your love and affection to your sister.

  • Mishtisukh

You can add homemade Mishtisukh to your brothers’ and sisters’ rakhi hampers to make them taste even better. Due to the variety of lentils, the flavours are very strong, and the sweetness will melt in your mouth, satisfying your taste buds. You can give this sweet to your brothers as a Rakhi gift this year.

  • Assorted Pudding box

Enjoy the holiday of Raksha Bandhan with this set of five puddings, each with its own taste. Chocolate Pista and Cookies, Triple Thandai, Pista and Cream, and Biscoff are some of the puddings’ tastes. Enjoy these freshly made puddings with your brothers this Raksha Bandhan. Add a pudding box with the silver rakhi for raksha bandhan.

  • Eclair Slices

You can give your sister the eclair slices as a rakhi gift and spoil her with delicious treats. They are the perfect mix of sweetness and class. It’s lovely how the eclair slices have a crunchy base, rich caramel, and tasty chocolate. You can also add a silver rakhi for raksha bandhan.

  • Cheese Mathi

Mathis has always been a favourite snack in India. Try the Cheese Mathi as a snack this Raksha Bandhan for something different. Thanks to the cheese flavour, this snack has a very interesting twist and taste. With these tasty, crispy bites, you will have an even better Raksha Bandhan.


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